Obstetrical Care

High Risk Obstetrical Care

“Whether the pregnancy is complicated by medical or obstetrical factors, the physicians and staff at Vardaan Medical Center are dedicated to helping mothers and their babies obtain the best possible outcome .“ The expertise of our medical team and ready access to State-of-the-art technology enable the Center for High Risk OBS. care to provide a highly advanced level of care that’s unique to it. Vardaan has a complete range of healthcare services for women and babies, offering comprehensive healthcare.

You are Considered high risk, when...

You are either under 17 or over 35 years old.
You have chronic medical condition such as Diabetes or Hypertension.
You develop diabetes (gestational diabetes) during pregnancy.
Your pregnancy involves more than one baby.
You have had a previous miscarriage.
You have given birth prematurely in the past.
Prenatal testing indicates a suspected birth defect.
You have a history of fibroids or other gynaecologic problem.

Medical condition affecting pregnancy

Hypertension induced by pregnancy
Gestational Diabetes
Insulin dependent Diabetes
Thyroid diseases
Renal (kidney) disease and gastrointestinal disease
Bleeding / Clotting disorder
Medical complication like Heart disease, sickle cell disease, lupus, HIV
Acute immune disease
Fetal growth restriction

But excellent care requires more than the latest technology and the most current advances in evidence-based medicine. We take pride in providing a caring and compassionate environment for our patients and their babies.