Post Menopausal Clinic

Post Menopausal Clinic

Vardaan Medical Center caters to a wide range of patients. We use highly experienced and skilled consultants to carry out all our services including the treatment of post menopausal treatment.
Vardaan Medical Center has opened a new One-Stop Postmenopausal Clinic aimed at women both before and after the menopause who experience abnormal bleeding.

What is postmenopausal bleeding?

Postmenopausal bleeding is any vaginal bleeding after the menopause. It is assumed you have gone through the menopause if you have not had a period for at least 6 months. If you are on HRT this may cause you to have bleeding like a period. Abnormal bleeding on HRT or before you have gone through the menopause may also need to be investigated.

Why should I see a specialist?

You would need treatment because of your abnormal vaginal bleeding. It is important that all women who experience vaginal bleeding after the menopause are assessed to help establish the cause.

What causes postmenopausal bleeding?

Most postmenopausal and other abnormal bleeding is caused by a change in your hormones and usually needs no treatment. Sometimes it is caused by something simple such as a polyp that can easily be removed.